Gina van Rossum (G.)

Gina van Rossum is a teacher at Maastricht University. Her teaching is mostly focused on, but is not limited to, statistics and research processes. The projects she is involved in are mostly related toward diversity/LGBT+ related issues in the workplace. Gina van Rossum received her MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology at Maastricht University in 2019.

During her studies Gina van Rossum got involved with UM Pride, for which she won a Student Award. UM Pride is a platform for all LGBT+ and allied staff members and students at Maastricht University. UM Pride is a bottom-up initiative, open to anyone within the UM, irrespective of gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, position or faculty.  

Next to her teaching job and involvement in UM Pride, Gina van Rossum teaches spinning at UM Sports. She loves putting 80's music in het spinning classes, because she feel it changes the workout into a dance party.