Dr Gert Schaart (G.)

Dr. Gert Schaart is research technician in the Diabetes and Metabolism Research Group (www.dmrg.nl)  of the Department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences. As cell biologist, he improves, develops and applies immunohistochemical staining techniques, set-up in vivo and in vitro microscopy analyses for confocal microscopy and STED microscopy, and introduces new blotting and detection systems. These techniques are especially improved and suitable for human and murine skeletal muscle tissue. Gert  also participates in culturing and analyzing human primary myocytes and human brown adipose tissue. He coaches and supports PhD-students and technicians. Gert is (co)-author of more than 120 papers in international scientific journals as Cell, Nature Medicine, Diabetes, PNAS, Circulation Res., J. Appl. Physiology, PLOS.