23 May 2018
ITEM Event

Student Think Tank - Heerlen

(from 18.00-20.30)

To celebrate the border location Heerlen-Aachen the Municipality of Heerlen organised an event in the city centre of Heerlen on May 9th. The distance between Heerlen and Aachen is so small that both cities can easily benefit from each other’s cultures and events. Thus, to celebrate the cooperation between these two cities and to highlight the border location, Heerlen organised the “Nachbar Nacht”. In this context a Student Think Tank will take place on Wednesday May 23rd, 2018 (from 18.00 to 20.30). The think tank will be organised by the Municipality of Heerlen and Expertise Centre ITEM and will focus on the opportunities and possibilities that students and young professionals living in this border region have.


Are you a student in the border region and would you like to participate in a discussion with fellow students?


Enter to take part in the creative Think Thank session!


Send an email including a CV and a brief motivation on why you would like to participate to: dionne.vanoppen@ maastrichtuniversity.nl