31 May

PhD Defence Gido Metz

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Rik Crutzen

Co-supervisor: Dr. Sarah Stutterheim

Keywords: Evaluatie, eHealth, Cyclisch Evaluatieproces

"Cyclic evaluation of web-based public health interventions"

The randomized controlled trial (RCT) is not always appropriate for the evaluation of web-based behavior change interventions. This dissertation therefore introduces the Cyclic Evaluation Process, which consists of different research methods. This evaluation process was used to evaluate Sense.info: a website for young people between 12 and 25 years old and part of the Dutch eHealth strategy for sexual health. The website serves as a first entry point: young people can visit the page for information and ask questions to a counsellor via a chat or make an appointment for an STI test at the Sense consultation hour.

In collaboration with developer Soa Aids Nederland, the impact of the website on end users was examined: what influence does it have on perceptions and behavior, and how can we increase the impact? 

The evaluation of Sense.info using the Cyclic Evaluation Process led to rich insights into the impact of Sense.info and to an optimized website. The use of the Cyclic Evaluation Process is now being further rolled out to other domains and media. For example, it is now also being used to develop and evaluate TikTok content.

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