17 Jun

PhD Defence Daniƫlle Josefina Maria Adriaans

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Joep A.W. Teijink, Prof. Dr. Hanneke W.M. van Laarhoven

Co-supervisors: Dr. Angelique T.M. Dierick-van Daele, Dr. Grard A.P. Nieuwenhuijzen

Keywords: Esophageal cancer; Peri-operative management; Self-management; digital self-management support

"Digital self-management support for patients with esophageal cancer"

Patients diagnosed with esophageal cancer have to deal with the consequences, such as major impact on their physical status and quality of life. A digital self-management tool could be a solution to support these patients in their self-management during the peri-operative period. This dissertation resulted in a better understanding of patients' needs and desires for (digital) self-management support during pre- (and post-operative) care. In addition, a core set consisting of the most relevant topics for self-management was developed. Differences were found between esophageal cancer patients in their expectations and needs regarding self-management and eHealth for self-management support. It is important to apply a diversity of forms of support given the increased desire to provide person-centered care and the fact that no single approach will meet the needs of all patients at all times. The development of a new (digital) self-management intervention to support these patients can be based on the results of the various studies in this dissertation.

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