29 Sep

PhD conferral Babette J.A. Verkouteren

Supervisor: Prof. dr. K. Mosterd

Co-supervisors: Dr. M.G.H.C. Reinders, Dr. M. van Geel

Keywords: Basal cell nevus syndrome, basal cell carcinoma, imiquimod, hedgehog pathway

"Basal cell carcinoma and basal cell nevus syndrome optimizing treatment and care"

This study aims to optimize the treatment of basal cell carcinoma and basal cell nevus syndrome. Studies show that surgical excision is more effective than imiquimod 5% cream. Nevertheless, imiquimod 5% cream deserves a place in the treatment of nodular basal cell carcinoma. In addition, treatment of basal cell carcinomas with oral hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitors in patients with basal cell nevus syndrome is highly effective but is often associated with too many side effects to sustain long-term treatment. It is also important to obtain genetic confirmation of the diagnosis of basal cell nevus syndrome because the risk of jaw cysts and medulloblastoma differs for patients with a PTCH1 mutation compared with those with a SUFU mutation.

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