•   126 Sep Oct 08:00
    - 18:30

    Exhibition | Once Upon a Law: the Grimm Brothers’ stories, language and legal culture

    Once upon a law, there were two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who cared deeply about what was right and what was wrong. Following their father’s example, the brothers studied law under the renowned jurist, Professor Friedrich Carl von Savigny. The Grimm Brothers began collecting folk stories while they were still in law school. These tales were originally intended for other scholars. The brothers searched for social rules as depicted through the fantastical scenarios of fairy tales and yes, law was omnipresent in popular culture… fairy tales were no exception. So how was the legal culture of the time reflected in the fairy tales the Brothers Grimm published?

  •   57 Sep Oct 15:00
    - 17:00
    academic session

    Cursos de Postgrado 2022 VIRTUAL

    Online Tax Law Courses in Spanish.

    information only available in Spanish

  •   1424 Sep Dec 12:00
    - 23:59

    MORSE Thesis Award 2022

    The MORSE initiative will award a prize for student master's and bachelor's theses for the second time in 2022! Are you interested in how to enter the competition, whether their thesis is eligible, which prizes will be awarded and how the jury is selected? Please refer to the text below!

  • 26 Sep 08:30
    - 19:00

    MACIMIDE Annual Conference 2022

    This Conference invites MACIMIDE researchers and UM scholars with a focus on related topics to come together. 

  • 26 Sep 10:00
    PhD Defence

    On-site PhD conferral Paula Bos

    ''Magnetic resonance based radiomics in oropharyngeal cancer''

  • 26 Sep 13:00
    PhD Defence

    On-site PhD conferral Maurizio Crupi

    ''A PRAGMATIC APPROACH TO THE LINK TO ORIGIN EU PDOs and PGIs for registration, innovation and trade in origin products''

  • 26 Sep 13:00
    - 14:00
    PhD Defence

    On-site PhD conferral Maurizio Crupi

    "A Pragmatic Approach to the Link to Origin: EU PDOs and PGIs for Registration, Innovation and Trade in Origin Products"

  • 26 Sep 16:00

    Brain-inspired deep learning

    In this talk, Prof. van Gerven will discuss their recent advances in the development of more biologically plausible learning rules that could drive learning in brains and machines.

  • 26 Sep 16:00

    MHeNs Translational Neuroscience Lecture

    MHeNs organises a Translational Neuroscience lecture series with both internal and external/ international speakers.

  • 26 Sep 16:00
    PhD Defence

    On-site Phd conferral Bart de Koning

    ''Empirical Studies on Information, Beliefs, and Choices in Education and Work''

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