9 Jun 2018

EmployMaas Hackathon

How can we make students more equipped for their future careers? What can we do to give them that little bit extra to develop into successful, productive and happy employees? How can we improve current employability initiatives in Limburg province? And upgrade the overall working environment?

The challenges

Gemeente Maastricht - the challenge focuses on the improvement of current existing employability initiatives

Mediaan - the focus of this challenge is matching resources with planning

Provincie Limburg - the challenge will focus on a career development infrastructure that is intended to be established in Limburg as a joint initiative.

Workshops for the hackathon

We have prepared a series of inspiring workshops that can help you learn new skills and inspire you before the actual hackathon. The workshops will take place during the weekend of the 5th-6th of May.

You will be able to attend the following workshops:

Booking.com - Agile leadership in teams;

Institute of Data Science - Data science for non-data scientists;

Mediaan - From idea to a working business model;

MischiefMakers - Design Thinking

The application for the hackathon is closed.