Awards ceremony

As in previous years the Dies celebration includes the presentation of various awards: the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize, the Dissertation Prize and the Student Prizes for the best Master's and Bachelor's theses of 2014.

Wynand Wijnen Education Prize

Wijnand Wijnen Onderwijsprijs
PhD candidate Catalina Goanta

PhD candidate Catalina Goanta from the Faculty of Law won the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize for her outstanding contribution to education at Maastricht University.

The jury was impressed with her many extracurricular activities and her efforts to promote educational innovation at UM. She initiated a thorough review of the first-year course Introduction to Comparative Law: she introduced innovative elements in the subject, including a moot court, a mastery learning environment and a peer coaching platform. An ‘exceptional teaching talent’, according to the jury.

Dissertation Prize

Dies 2015

The second annual Dissertation Prize was awarded for the best dissertation in 2013. The jury awarded the prize to Ann-Kristin Zobel for her dissertation entitled, ‘Open Innovation: A dynamic Capabilities Perspective’.

Zobel conducted a systematic and detailed investigation of how businesses can use dynamic capabilities to further develop their open innovation potential. ‘By theoretically conceptualising elements of both dynamic capabilities and open innovation, by improving on theories and by measuring relevant efforts and business strategies on a multidimensional level, Zobel was able to make a difficult and hard-to-interpret business topic more understandable’, said the jury. After completing her PhD, Zobel was offered a two-year postdoc position at Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkley.

Student Prizes

In addition to the student prizes for the best Master’s theses of 2014, this year also saw the introduction of the Bachelor’s Prize, which was presented to seventeen bachelor’s students.

Best Bachelor's theses 2014

DIES2015 Studentprize

Yelin Deniz - FHML
Title: Understanding the role of autophagy in ciliopathies of the Central Nervous System: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex as a disease model for defective autophagy

Sven Klijn - FHML
Title: Linking Trajectories of Alcohol Consumption in Adults to Cardiovascular Events

Christopher Sauer - FHML
Title: Early B-cell markers convict Merkel Cell Carcinoma as a putative lymphoma in disguise

Karlijn Hermans - FHML
Title: Memories in Public Speaking Anxiety Reconstructed: A qualitative Exploration Using a Cognitive and Etiological Model

Kate O Reilly - FL
Title: When Law and Culture Collide: The Uniform Application of European Private Law. Haar onderwerp was dan ook Europees Privaatrecht (European Private Law)

Ramon Vastmans - FL
Title: Verpanding van vorderingen via verzamelpandakten. Doorgeslagen generieke verpanding: oorzaken, wezen en oplossingen

Bo Berkman - FL
Title: Van verticaal naar horizontaal: van ‘legaal’ naar ‘illegaal’? Horizontaal toezicht in het licht van het gelijkheidsbeginsel

Jacqueline Schulte - SBE
Title: Transactive Memory and Group Decision-Making Outcomes in Virtual Teams

Michael Pollmann - SBE
Title: Are you sure you are using the correct model? Model Selection and Model Averaging for Impulse Responses

Marline Wethkamp - SBE
Title: The Effect of E-Voting on Turnout. Empirical Evidence from the Swiss Canton Zurich

Koen Cremers - SBE
Title: Inheritance Taxation; Wanted Death? Or Wanted Alive?

Maximilian Herstatt - FASOS
Title: India’s Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs): perfect machines or a risk for democracy?

Frank Mutze - FASOS
Title: “Liking” the European Union. Deliberative Democracy on the European Parliament’s Facebook Page?

Matthias Voss - FPN
Title: Chased by wolves: Effects of a threat prime on working-memory in Portuguese and Hong Kong populations.

Taghi Aliyev - FHS
Title: Analysis of mRNA data of patients with atherosclerosis

Marjolein Sliepen - FHS
Title: On the mechanism of formation of hollow and multiporous Phenylsilsesquioxane spheres using an oil-in-water emulsion and phenyl trimethoxysilane as organosilica precursor.

Jolijn Adriaansen - FHS
Title: The Headman, a culturally embedded perception of a leaders use of rewards and punishments.

Best Master's theses 2014

Mireille Sthijns – FHML
Title: MonoHER-induced adaptation in cells exposed to oxidative stress

Martine Moossdorff – FHML
Title: A model to predict pathologic complete response of axillary lymph nodes to neaoadjuvant chemo(-immuno)therapy in patients with clinically node positive breast cancer

Anna Krisztián – FL
Title: The analysis of the European Union’s conditionality policy regarding the protection of minorities in the enlargement context from a fundamental rights perspective - A case study of the Republic of Serbia

Teresa Laukötter – SBE
Title: Girls versus Boys? – How Children react to a Higher Share of Female Peers

Hartl Maël – SBE
Title: Time series analysis of option pricing models

Alina Lara Marktanner – FASoS
Title: Universal Prospects. Future Propositions in the Study of Life in Space

Patrice Wangen – FASoS
Title: Normative Power Europe, or mere Geopolitics and Self-Interest? Determinants of the EU’s choice for civilian and military missions 2003-2013

Lorraine Man Wing Wong – FHS
Title: Economics Growth and Quality of Education

Marian Schneider – FPN
Title: From the depths of striate cortex: Investigating laminar spatial attention effects in V1 with ultra-high field fMRI