11 Dec
19:00 - 21:00

Dialogue Session 'Transition to a fossil-free society'

We would like to invite you to the Dialogue Session on what role Maastricht University (UM) and its community will take on cooperating with partners in the fossil industry.  

Before the start of the summer recess, UM published a statement that it will sharpen the rules on partner agreements. One of our goals is to stop cooperating with parties that obstruct the transition to a fossil-free, climate-neutral society - while at the same time encouraging cooperation with parties working on solutions. In this UM-wide dialogue, we would like to start the conversation about our collective role as an institution and a community. We will reflect on our partnerships and our own activities at all levels, keeping the three objectives mentioned in the statement in mind.

More details about the evening programme will follow. The intention is to host a panel dialogue, with the panel being a good reflection of the dialogue spectrum. There will be time to discuss various questions, and more than enough opportunity for the audience to participate in the dialogue. Members of the Executive Board and Management Team will be present in the audience to pick up input and insights for the following steps.

UM wide and Faculty Dialogue Sessions
The Dialogue Sessions will take place across UM. The goal of these sessions is to collect information and advice. The UM-wide Dialogue Session on 11 December will be the first Kick-Off session. Subsequently, dialogue sessions will take place in each faculty, so we can zoom in on the different disciplines and invite external stakeholders as well. More information about the Dialogue Session in your faculty will follow.

Based on all findings, the Executive Board, in collaboration with Sustainable UM 2030 and the UM community, will develop concrete goals and follow-up steps during 2024.

This dialogue session is open to all UM staff and students. To participate in this dialogue session, you need to register in advance by clicking the green button.

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