go the extra mile

Go the Extra Mile

Together with a small group of international students, you examine and solve a practical problem. You actively acquire knowledge discussing possible solutions. A tutor monitors the process and only intervenes when necessary. Problem-Based Learning empowers you to learn in a collaborative, dynamic way – and develops you into an assertive professional.

Does this sound more appealing than taking notes in a packed lecture hall? Do you want your university experience to benefit you for the rest of your life? Come and study in Maastricht. Go the extra mile.

Albert's Extra Miles

Watch the video of Albert and discover how he gets everything out of his studies and student life.

This is the fourth Go the Extra Mile video from a series. Click here to see Louisa's, Rugile's and Pablo's video.

Your personal learning experience

Problem-Based Learning puts you at the centre. You work on problems and gather knowledge in a group of no more than 14 students. These international groups rely on your contribution every time you meet – no hiding behind your laptop or in the anonymity of a large lecture hall. This proactive approach makes for an immersive learning experience and teaches you practical skills such as research, critical thinking, communication and other skills vital to success in the 21st century labour market.  

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Grow your world

At Maastricht University, you study in an 'international classroom'. With more than 100 nationalities UM boasts the most international student population in the Netherlands. The groups’ cultural diversity will broaden your horizon and allow you to build a global network.

Contribute to society

Get involved in the community! Around a fifth of Maastricht’s population are students, many of them living in the city centre. You are spoilt for choice in your free time – whether it’s the vibrant nightlife, sports or music and theatre. You can also volunteer, start your own business or join a student association. The university can help you identify the opportunities that best suit you. 

Are you looking for a challenge? There is plenty of opportunities to contribute your talents.

19 bachelor’s and more than 80 master’s

Maastricht University offers a total of 19 bachelor’s programmes and more than 80 master’s programmes.

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UM students Going the Extra Mile

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There are many examples of students who go the extra mile and make an impact beyond their studies. There’s Melanie Kersten (Master's student Sustainability Science & Policy) who won the Limburg Water Innovation Challenge, or the psychology students getting creative with the residents nursing home. Or take Victoria von Salmuth, who set up the Shirati Food Program in Kenya.

UM students Elisa Etrari, Anna Reyneri and Becca Bowers run the Library of Things to put into practice what they have learnt about the circular economy. Their members can borrow items from their catalogue, e.g. a drill, and return them after they’re done using it.

How will you go the extra mile?

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