Darian Meacham (D.E.)

I am Chair of the Philosophy Department and Principal Investigator for Ethics and Responsible Innovation at the BISS Institute. I studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada (BA) and University of Leuven, Belgium (MA, PhD).

I research how the things we build shape the way we make sense of the world and interact with one another, in politics, at work and in scientific practice. 

My main teaching and research interests are in political philosophy, phenomenology, philosophy of technology, and bioethics. I am interested in the political, ethical and anthropological issues raised by new technologies, as well as questions surrounding the concept of Europe and post-national political institutions. At the most fundamental level I am interested in the relation between sense and nature.

I work on several European Union Horizon research projects, including:

GuestXR | STRONG-AYA | CircularCityChallenge

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