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  • sunflowers trade Ukraine

    Implementation of the Ukraine EU association agreement

    23 February 2017
    As you may remember: in April 2016 the majority of the voters voted 'no' against the ratification act of this association agreement. According to the referendum a legislative proposal is needed as soon as possible in which the effects of the referendum will be arranged. (Dutch only)
  • Rutte

    Referendum and European Council

    16 December 2016
    Published on LBM . Rutte has managed it eventually. The European council has adopted a legally binding document for the 28 member states in its decisions, on December 15 th , 2016. The document relates to the EU-Ukraine association agreement that would help alleviate some concerns of those who voted against the plan. This article is only available in Dutch.
  • Matteo Renzi

    She said no: Italy and Europe after the constitutional referendum

    8 December 2016
    In the 4 th December referendum, Italy rejected the constitutional reforms promoted by the Renzi’s government. As a consequence of the “No” vote, the Prime Minister decided to resign. While the vote was influenced primarily by internal factors, the result may open a period of uncertainty for both Italy and Europe as a whole.
  • blog_Trump image

    Black Piets, Burqa Bans, and Radical Populism in a Kakistocracy

    2 December 2016
    Published on LBM . Here is a fun word that you may have come across recently: Kakistocracy. Based on the Greek word kakistos (meaning “the worst”), kakistocracy is a system of governance run by the least qualified, most “deplorable” citizens that the State has to offer.
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