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  • Study

    Hidden study places

    10 December 2012
    As exams are starting all over again, the library and university buildings become more crowded then ever. Finding a quiet study spot is not possible unless you will participate with the early morning German runs. Luckily there are some secret spots in Maastricht where you can find the peace and quiet you need.
  • Montreal

    Guide how to not have success with girls

    18 September 2012
    While I’m writing this blog I’m still calming down from my football match tonight. We lost again (but we finally scored!) and I got very mad (emotional like one of my teammates called it), and since the game was pretty late (10 p.m.), I still need calming down before I can sleep. But this will work.
  • Lif in Maastricht

    Life in Maastricht: things you need to know

    17 July 2012
    So you are a prospective student and need to find your way around. You can stroll down the internet to find everything that you need before you arrive here. But why bother? Here’s a summary of some of the most basic things you need to know before you arrive.
  • Weed pass

    Drug policy: the marvelous weed-pass.

    6 June 2012
    The Netherlands; well known for its tolerant and laid back view on basically anything (except time). Being openly gay is not a problem. Euthanasia and Abortion are far from taboos anymore. But I guess especially our very tolerant drug policy is welcomed by most people from other countries. Too bad that policy is changing. Introducing: the weed-pass.
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