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  • LeD

    Legal Data community initiative: innovation, interdisciplinarity and inclusion

    14 September 2018
    The Legal Data community is an interdisciplinary discussion and research hub, open for every student or researcher who is interested in the legal impact of data science.
  • surfboard_LBM

    How to make surfboards: a checklist for our future graduates

    7 September 2018
    “What kind of skills do we want our graduates to have?” was the main topic of discussion during a recent staff meeting, which got me thinking. As the faculty of law, perhaps the “right” answer would entail something along the lines of: “Our graduates need to be capable of arguing logically, writing eloquently, and deciphering complex legal texts while comprehending the legislative intent behind them and their societal implications.” Not only would such an answer have been rather generic, but it definitely would have been a run-on sentence.
  • brexit_LBM

    Getting serious

    30 August 2018
    The dreaded “No Deal” is becoming ever-more plausible With the summer holidays about to end, Brexit negotiations between the European Union and United Kingdom will resume in earnest. The question on everyone’s mind is simple: Will there be a deal or will the United Kingdom leave the European Union without a deal?
  • legal_philosophy_LBM

    Bartleby’s preference not to as a third option to following rules

    29 August 2018
    “Bartleby,” said I, “Ginger Nut is away; just step round to the Post Office, won’t you? (it was but a three minute walk,) and see if there is anything for me.” “I would prefer not to.”
 “You will not?”
 “I prefer not.”

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