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  • Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the European Parliament

    The presidential refusal to appoint a minister in comparative perspective

    20 June 2018
    On 27 May 2018 Italy was thrown into a post-election political and constitutional turmoil when Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to appoint the designated Minister of Economy and Finance, Paolo Savona, proposed by the Five Star Movement and the League. While not the first time that an Italian President has vetoed the proposed composition of government, it was the first time that he did so on political grounds – in this case because of Savona’s opposition to the single currency.
  • Gele kaart_ blog over Awb besluit

    When is a warning a General Administrative Law Act (Awb)?

    19 June 2018
    In the case of a violation, the Government can give a warning. Are there any legal consequences? Yes, said one judge. No, said the other. But now they all say: Yes, therefore a warning is a decision. (Only available in Dutch)
  • teams_on_europe_map.png

    Reducing administrative burdens through joint action!

    14 June 2018
    Heller in Law
    Current developments in the area of cross-country joint audits could reduce administrative burdens and enhance legal certainty. But, what are joint audits? This contribution shortly elaborates on the concept and the current developments of joint audits that could facilitate a cross-country concept of joint audits.
  • Facebook website data sharing - Catalina

    Facebook’s data sharing practices under unfair competition law - longread

    14 June 2018
    This is a brief analysis of Facebook’s data sharing practices under unfair competition rules in the US and EU. A paper on this topic co-authored by myself and MEPLI research fellow Stephan Mulders will be available shortly, and it will be presented at the Amsterdam Privacy Conference in October 2018.
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