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  • law_schade_blog

    Towards fairer non-economic damages: experts’ first reactions to FullCompensation

    1 July 2022
    This blog includes a brief description of a METRO seminar held on 30 May 2022, where a draft research design of FullCompensation was shared for feedback. This seminar was the first scientific deliverable of the project and set the ground for its further development.
  • aw_blog_andrea_parziale_-_full_compensation

    FullCompensation: pain and suffering damages shouldn’t be a lottery

    24 June 2022
    Suppose that you get injured in an accident. In that case, you are entitled to damages. Damages are money that the injurer (or their insurer) must pay to you to make you ‘whole’. The aim of damages is, basically, to fully compensate you. Sounds easy? Believe me, it’s not!
  • law_digital_platform_blog_nr_22_comip

    The digital market competition with multisided markets: a case of Indian e-commerce

    20 June 2022
    IGIR in Law
    Digital platforms are one of the key developments in facilitating industry 4.0 and are at the center of the multifold benefits the consumers derived through this. An important feature of the digital platforms is the presence of high sunk costs and low marginal costs (UNCTAD, 2019). This occurs since the major cost of operation is the platform creation and popularizing it among the stakeholders. Algorithms is the key tool through which the major decisions and processing undertaken by these platforms. This involves high investment in the initial stage of operation...
  • law_blog_comip_kalpana_ai-enabled_price_discrimination

    Why AI-enabled price discrimination is not always undesirable: lessons from law and economics

    10 June 2022
    Digitalization has gradually changed business models and reshaped human lifestyles. The rise of business models based on the collection and processing of consumer data allows undertakings to charge business customers and final consumers different prices for the same goods or services, offered at precisely the same time. This technique, which is called “AI-enabled price discrimination”, has deeply affected people’s daily life. For example, when ordering the same hotel room on the same Chinese website at precisely the same time, a loyal customer was charged more...
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