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  • hackathon_MLR

    Hackathons as research & education: Rethinking Justice Hackathon

    9 March 2018
    3-4 March 2018, Brightlands Smart Services Campus Making the world a better place is easier said than done. Ours is a shared world: citizens, businesses, states and institutions all face the same risks and challenges, and so there is a constant need for society to innovate - to find better ways of doing things. Ideally, this can be done in order to bring about more justice in the world. What we mean by justice is simply more fairness, in the way in which citizens, civil society, businesses and public institutions interact with one another.
  • trump

    Trump’s World Trade War: the need for a rules-based response

    6 March 2018
    Pohl in Law
    The United States is threatening the multilateral trading system with a World Trade War - a combination of aggressive unilateral trade restrictions and a wilful disabling of the rules-based dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Other WTO Members must unite around a coordinated response.
  • Geneva_act_MLR

    The international debate on appellations of origin and geographical indications

    5 March 2018
    IGIR in Law
    On the 8 th of December 2017, Mr. Matthijs Geuze, who worked for the WIPO Secretariat during the negotiations of the Geneva Act, held an expert lecture at Maastricht University on the International Registration and Protection of Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications in the light of the Geneva Act.
  • artificial_intelligence_MLR

    Conference ‘InnovAItion Law for Technology 4.0’

    2 March 2018
    Maja Brkan in Law
    How do we explain a decision made by a machine-learning algorithm? Do works of art created by artificial intelligence enjoy copyright protection? If intelligent games gather data of their users, who is liable if users are harmed by such games?
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