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  • Rijbewijs

    Border Obstacle when Renewing Driving Licences

    7 February 2019
    Do you have an ICD and live in the border region? In that case, it is possible that your cardiologist is located in a neighbouring country. According to EU law, EU citizens have the possibility to receive cross-border care. Nevertheless, it appears that this health care provision is not widely accepted. For example, the Dutch CBR does not accept statements from cardiologists based in other Member States. Such actions can be considered to be contrary to the applicable EU law. Read the full blog in Dutch
  • Blog grens - pensioen - belasting - doorbraak - grens akkoord

    Belgian Royal Decree allows unemployment benefit for frontier workers to match Dutch pension

    28 January 2019
    ITEM in Law
    With the Royal Decree of 12 December 2018 , Belgium has solved the problem for the cross-border worker where the unemployment benefit does not match the Dutch pension. The new decision states that Belgian unemployment benefit for frontier workers does not stop at the age of 65 but continues until Dutch (foreign) pensions take effect. Because the Royal Decree has created some uncertainty in pension circles and among (near) pensioners, the most important facts are summarised here. Please note: this blog is written in Dutch.
  • Alexander Hoogenboom

    CJEU case law on EU citizenship: normatively consistent? Unlikely! - A response to Davies’ ‘Has the Court changed, or have the cases?’

    19 November 2018
    ITEM in Law
    Written by Alexander Hoogenboom, associate researcher at ITEM. Recent case law of the Court of Justice on EU citizens’ access to benefits has been seen by some as a restrictive turn compared to prior case law, in response to a rise in populism. However, the article by Davies in a recent special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy is to be commended for its original take on this alleged ‘turn to restrictiveness’.
  • EU citizenship blog

    Brexit and citizenship II: Associate EU citizenship

    23 October 2018
    Why would the EU at all consider unilaterally offering a new status to British (or other former EU) citizens without there being any reciprocal status or legal protection for EU citizens living in the UK (or any other exiting Member State)?
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