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    Work in progress: Belgian social policy under construction

    27 November 2020
    After 493 days of intensive negotiations, Belgium has a new federal government 1 The largest amount released for the new policy is invested in social policy, i.e. 2.3 billion euros out of a total of 3.2 billion euros. The federal government's objective is to protect social security and secure long-term financing. As a result, both the social security system and the pension system will be significantly modernized in the coming years. This contribution analyses the social policy where it becomes clear that the first pension pillar - the statutory pension - will be...
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    The similarity between Le Quattro Stagioni and the Brabançonne

    27 November 2020
    Since the elections of 26 May 2019 for a new Belgian federal government, intensive negotiations have been held and various possible coalitions have been explored. 1 Eventually, the Vivaldi coalition 2 succeeded in forming a new Belgian federal government on 30 September 2020. 3 This contribution examines how much music the coalition agreement 4 of the Vivaldi coalition actually contains when it comes to the effects for the Belgian border regions. Although not all details are yet known, it has already been established that Belgium will face several reforms in the...
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    Quarantine exception insufficient for border region

    17 November 2020
    Continued disproportionate impact on daily life in the border region With the circulation of the Coronavirus, governments are trying to restrict the movement of people. Staying at home and limiting unnecessary travel and visits is a frequently used and successful recipe against the flare-ups of Corona infections. To this end, border traffic is also being restricted. Travel advice is issued and quarantine rules are put in place. Recently, Dutch policy has changed in this respect, but not sufficiently as described in this blog.
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    Why do Dutch entrepreneurs just across the border not receive corona benefits?

    14 May 2020
    During the corona crisis, national measures in the three countries on the Limburg borders are not coordinated equally well. As a result, there is currently a situation in the border region where certain border entrepreneurs fall between the cracks, such as in the Dutch newspaper NRC on April 2nd (" Emergency support for entrepreneurs? Not for these 'border cases ") and recently on April 24th in the Limburger and WijLimburg (" It seems as if the border entrepreneur stinks of rotten fish "): a Belgian resident with a year-old fish shop in the Netherlands, who now...
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