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  • Onconventionele juristen_foto FdR jubileumboek

    Conventionally unconventional

    19 December 2017
    During the Anniversary year 2016-2017 the Maastricht law faculty celebrated its 35 th birthday. And when you have your birthday, you hand out treats. A book, because that is tradition among faculties celebrating their birthday. A book which tells the story of the faculty and which contains interviews with and by people who took part in 35 years of legal education in Maastricht. ‘Unconventional lawyers’ are they called in the title of the book. The Anniversary book will be presented during the Christmas drink on 20 December 2018. (Dutch only)
  • head and brain

    For the law, cognitive sciences should not change everything, but still a lot

    14 December 2017
    Jaap Hage in Law
    My message is, however, that next to the main lines of law’s contents, law students should learn about the ways in which law affects society and its participants. In this connection, they should study selected topics from sociology, but also – and that is the main message here – the cognitive sciences in a broad sense.
  • British library

    Teamwork in academic legal research

    6 November 2017
    Every endeavour is achieved as the result of teamwork, and librarians are fundamental members in our team when researching in law. Librarians provide able hands and without them effective research would be an almost impossible mission, especially in the Internet era. Above all, librarians hold the keys to the centres where knowledge is generated.
  • Catalonia_is_not_Spain

    Whose sovereignty is it, anyway? Catalonia vs Spain

    2 October 2017
    The wishes of the Spanish government and those of the Catalan people are diametrically opposed: 90% of voters in the referendum were for independence - but keep in mind also that only about half of the Catalan people voted.
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