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  • European Commission

    The European budget after COVID-19. Challenges, Prospects and Opportunities

    14 July 2020
    During the European Council this week all eyes are, again, on the negotiations for the future European Union (EU) budget. Analysts tended to focus mainly on two things. First, the evolution of the sums of money that will be agreed on for the future European Recovery Plan & next Multi-Annual Financial Framework. Second, the opposition of the so-called “Frugal four” and their desire for adopting a scaled down budget and attaching more conditions to EU money before being disbursed to hard-hit countries, such as Italy and Spain. However, other aspects are...
  • Looking for a safe place to travel during the pandemic

    10 July 2020
    After an exhausting few months in the ‘COVID-19 era’—as we can call it now—after months of hard work and the stress of dealing with a pandemic, everybody is looking to take a break during the summer. But unlike in recent years when we could plan our summer vacation months in advance, this year it feels like a game of roulette.
  • Global Citizenship Education | Blog 1 | Ben Farochmanesch

    1 July 2020
    As I step out of the station, a drizzle is falling from the grey and cloudy sky. I wrap the thick black woollen scarf slightly tighter around my head. Having to cross the Sint Servaasbridge means being subject to the whims of winter winds which travel over the river Maas. How often have I there not almost lost my umbrella to the strong air?
  • Now is the time for global citizenship education to come of age

    1 July 2020
    Maastricht University’s cross-syllabus approach could point the way forward, say Herco Fonteijn and Teun Dekker. Read the full blog on Times Higher Education .
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