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  • 2018-interview-2018-03-19-_-julia-reinhold-02-kl.jpg

    Good public transport is a necessity for an attractive border region

    3 April 2018
    Mobility and good public transport prove to be essential requirements for an attractive (border) region. Establishes ITEM-PhD candidate Julia Reinold in an interview with EurekaRail.
  • ESST Student Blog: Reflection and Post-Graduate Plans

    5 September 2017
    After a gruelling year of ESST, marked by an especially challenging thesis-writing period, I am a graduate! In this post, I reflect on what ESST has done for me and answer the burning question that I get all the time: "So, what's next?"
  • Sabrina Bos

    5 Differences Between Startups & Starting Businesses

    22 June 2017
    In this article I discuss several differences between startups and starting businesses. I find this important because over the last year, I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated about the types of questions I (as a startup founder) would get. “Can you already live from your startup?” “Why is raising money is so difficult for you, there is so much capital out there?” “Why don’t you just use Facebook ads for advertising?” These type of questions seemed so naive, so stupid. I wanted to yell out “ what are you thinking! Of course I cannot live from my startup yet. It...
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