Hugo Grotius

5 October 2020
Wim Muller in Law

To any international lawyer, Hugo de Groot (10 April 1583 – 28 August 1645), usually referred to by his Latin name as Hugo Grotius, does not need any introduction. He is generally seen as the “father of public international law”, often together with Francisco De Vitoria (1483-1546) and Alberico Gentili (1552-1608). It seems fitting that his life more or less coincided with what is seen as a foundational moment of public international law, as he passed away three years before the Peace of Westphalia (1648) which gave birth to the modern state system.

Wim Muller

Wim Muller is Assistant Professor of Public International Law. He joined Maastricht University in 2015. He has worked at the universities of Manchester, Essex, Leiden, and Amsterdam and for the Bosnian delegation to the International Court of Justice. He is a Doctor of Laws of the European University (2013), where he researched the Chinese approach and practice of public international law.

His teaching and research interests include public international law, the law of armed conflict, human rights, international criminal law, international dispute settlement, and the politics of international law, especially regional approaches to international law.