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  • Providing a voice to the upcoming generation facing the challenges of environmental law

    23 September 2022
    Today it has become impossible for one single person to master the whole field of environmental law, given its complexity and dynamic developments. Indeed, with the increasing manifestation of environmental crisis, law, being a powerful tool to address polluting behaviour, has become utterly complex.
  • law_blog_mark_kawakami_diversity

    Good intentions and detours on the road to diversity

    22 September 2022
    Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev’s new book, Getting to Diversity , offers data-backed evidence to substantiate what I have long suspected to be true: Many diversity and inclusivity trainings (e.g. mandatory implicit bias training, active allyship training, etc.) not only have little to no effect, but they may be detrimental to actually achieving D&I goals. Dobbin and Kalev’s latest work is specific to American businesses and D&I initiatives that mostly target management, but it appears that there is now an emerging consensus among academics that this may...
  • law_brain-building_a_second_brain_bram_akkermans

    The technique of academic research: on research lines and second brains

    14 September 2022
    An important part of becoming a fully-fledged academic is the development and curation of a research line. A research line is the main research topic and the thread throughout (large parts of) a career. It could be law and technology in private law, globalisation in public law, human rights in criminal law, sustainability, or anything else.
  • law_blog_prashant_sabharwal

    The fragility of the familiar: how Boris Johnson exposed the tenuous nature of the UK Constitution

    4 August 2022
    “Life happens when you are busy making plans”, John Lennon once said. To his chagrin, Boris Johnson, who was counting on winning a third term (despite only being two years into his first), realized that Lennon certainly had a point there. What we witnessed in frenzied television reports from London was both the normality and the abnormality of politics.
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