The deaths of Don Quixote and Pepe the Frog: copyright-wise

11 December 2018
Lin in Law

Authors may sentence fictional characters to death to counter unwanted transformation of their characters. The authorship that copyright vests in authors grants them indisputable authority over their creations, so that their characters do not die from users’ transformation.


Xi Lin is a Ph.D. candidate in intellectual property law at Maastricht University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mr. Anselm Kamperman Sanders and Dr. Ana Ramalho.  Sponsored by China Scholarship Council, she became a fellow member of the Institute for Globalization and International Regulation in autumn, 2016. 

The topic of her Ph.D. project is the copyright protection of fictional characters.  The research aims at analyzing how the protection of fictional character changes the economic landscape of copyright.  

Apart from her passion for her research project, Xi’s intellectual interest in the legal discipline also extends to international commercial arbitration, and sports arbitration.  She is also interested in fitness, gastronomy, as well as language in general.