Street harassment and freedom of speech

4 January 2018

Yelling, offensive language, indecent sounds, and to a certain extent even behaviors are being protected as ‘speech’ or as ‘symbolic speech’ by Article 7 of the constitution. If we believe criminal justice is an appropriate instrument, an intervention is only allowed on the part of the national legislative authorities. (Dutch only)

Aalt Willem Heringa

Author and editor of numerous books and articles on Dutch Constitutional law, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Social Charter, comparative constitutional law, US constitutional law, Human Rights and legal education. Author of blogs on the Montesquieu Institute website.

His most recent authored books are: Legal Education (Intersentia 2013); Constitutions Compared (Intersentia 2016, fourth edition), An Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law; and a textbook on Dutch Constitutional Law, Staatsrecht (with co-authors L. Verhey, J. van der Velde and W. van der Woude; 12th edition, 2015). In 2011 an edited collection appeared about legal education in Europe: Educating European Lawyers, Intersentia 2011 (with co-editor Bram Akkermans). And in 2014 he co-edited with Sascha Hardt: Sources of Constitutional Law (Intersentia 2014).