Fostering impunity: Burundi’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court

11 December 2017

Instead of protecting the victims of Burundi, the current government shields those who are responsible. The problem with such impunity is that it de facto “legalizes” violence as no accountability is created.

Roland Moerland

Roland Moerland is Assistant Professor of Criminology at Maastricht University. He publishes, lectures and supervises bachelor, master and PhD students in the fields of Supranational and Organizational criminology. In his research he focuses on gross human rights violations and state (corporate) crime. In addition to this general research interest, he has a special interest in how processes of denial facilitate the perpetration of such crimes.


Roland Moerland is a Board Member of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights and in this position, he is co-responsible for the organization of the Centre which facilitates and supports research in the field of human rights at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law by organizing research projects, conferences, seminars and lectures, etc.


Roland Moerland is a member of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and he serves as an editor on the editorial board of Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal. He is furthermore the administrator of the Supranational Criminology Network and a member of the European Society of Criminology.


Roland Moerland currently also serves as vice-chair of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University.