Application procedure

Applicants for one of these programmes need to fill in an application via the My UM portal.
As an exchange student do not apply via Studylink!

Please use Internet Explorer to fill in the application.

Application process

If you do not already have an UM account, apply for a My UM Account . If you are already registered at the Maastricht University, you can directly go to My UM portal and login with your current username and pass word. 

  1. Fill in the admission form

    Go to My UM portal, for the admission form.
    Start your application by filling in following: 

    • Programme type: Exchange
    • Programme of study: 
      • Exchange programme BA Health Sciences (in case of courses European Public Health)
      • Exchange programme MA Health Sciences (in case of courses/placements (internships))
      • Exchange programme Biomedical Sciences
      • Exchange programme BA Medicine (in case of courses)
      • Exchange programme MA Medicine (in case of orientation electives/research electives/clinical rotations)
    • Academic year
    • Period from ../../.. to ../../..

    Complete the rest of the admissions form. 
    Please remember to upload all required documents

  2. Send the admission form

    Click on the ‘Send’ button to finish your application.

  3. Assessment and decision

    Maastricht University will assess your application and decide about your admission.

  4. Notification email

    You will receive an email to inform you if you are either admitted, conditionally admitted (e.g. when a document is still missing) or not admitted.

Documents to be uploaded with your application

  • Programme offer form Health Sciences and Medicine 2018-2019  
  • English (copy of) certificate of health insurance or EU Health card
  • English copy of certificate of liability insurance*
  • Clear copy of the identification pages of your valid passport or a clear copy of your valid identity card
  • One recent passport photograph
  • Letter of recommendation of your university, except master Global Health
  • In case you will take part in master courses Public Health you have to send a copy of the bachelor diploma in Public Health
  • Statement from your parents/university guaranteeing your income during the period of your stay in The Netherlands – Only for non-erasmus students
  • In case of Orientation-electives/Internships/Clinical rotations or research electives (following documents need to be uploaded additionally):
    • Health document stating that you are not a carrier of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
    • In case of an orientation elective or clinical rotation a health document stating a vaccination against Hepatitis B and TBC.

In order to upload the documents with your application you have to copy the programme offer form; make a selection of the courses by marking these with a cross; scan the programme offer form and finally upload the scanned programme offer form with your application.

If your university is an exchange partner of FHML, you can apply for a study period abroad at the International Office of your own university. As an exchange student you do not have to pay a tuition fee at FHML, but you will continue to pay tuition to your home university.

Guest students

Students from non-partner universities are considered as a guest students which have to pay tuition fee. Students interested in the exchange programme of Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences are requested to fill in the application form ‘Guest students’. To require the application form please send an email to exchangefhml[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl