Hire our students

Fill your vacancies with high-achieving talent from the most international university in the Netherlands. Capable, knowledgeable and highly motivated, Maastricht University students and graduates can help you conduct research, solve problems and manage complex projects.

Your recruitment options range from student internships and full- or part-time job openings to project support groups.

Why employ UM talents?

Hire our students

 They’ll give you what you need
Maastricht University is dedicated to preparing its students for the world of work with the knowledge, skills and qualities that you and other employers are looking for. They will come to you with a solid mix of academic knowledge and a hands-on mentality, enabling them to make a smooth transition from their studies to your business.

 Problem-solving power
Our students and graduates have been trained to provide solutions for real-life issues, working in teams. It’s key to our innovative education model Problem-Based Learning. This focuses them on practical application of theory and gives them excellent analytical, project management and communication skills. It also turns them into self-motivated and assertive professionals.

 International outlook
A high proficiency in English is one of the benefits of the ‘international classroom’ concept adopted by UM. This involves students working in groups with people from different cultural backgrounds, approaching issues from a variety of perspectives. This leaves them well-prepared for the rapid changes in today’s globalising labour market.

 Up-to-date and cutting-edge
Students and graduates are up to speed with the latest techniques and developments in your field.

 University back-up
Maastricht University works closely with business, industry and government. In fact, many of our courses are structured to meet the demands of future employers and some of them have been created with their input. Of course, you can always fall back on Maastricht University supervisors for advice and quality control.

Recruitment opportunities at UM

Hire an intern

Young academic talents may not have a degree (yet), but they are full of youthful energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. And interns may well turn out to be the full-time employee you’re looking for. In fact, internships offer a low-threshold opportunity for you to try out potential staff.

Our teaching programmes cover the following areas of expertise: arts & culture, behavioural sciences, business & economics, education, globalisation & development, health & life sciences, law, liberal arts & sciences, media studies, technology & innovation, politics & governance and sciences.

 If you are interested in working with a student from Maastricht University and not quite sure which discipline to choose, please let us help you find your way within our organisation. Send an email to UM Career Services

Internship options vary per faculty:

Hire a graduate/post your vacancy

Having a university degree, these young professionals are ready to join the labour market and actively develop their academic and social skills on the job. 

 Post your job openings on our UM Vacancy board
 Contact our account manager directly
 Contact our employment agency InterUM

Assign your project to a group of students

'Put a PREMIUM on your project'. PREMIUM is an honours programme for high-performing, motivated UM master’s students. They spend up to three months working together on a real-world assignment for a company, NGO or educational institution. Grouped in interdisciplinary teams, the selected students work towards a deadline under the guidance of a project mentor. In the meantime, they will attend additional courses and workshops to hone the skills required for the job. For the duration of their assignments, these students share your goal: accelerate and, if possible, complete your project

This academic year, projects involve research, product development and other assignments for various partners including Philips, Accenture, Statistics Netherlands and Defence for Children.

 Do you have a project for a team of excellent students? Visit our PREMIUM website.