Moot courts and legal clinics

Moot courts
Student teams of the Maastricht law faculty keep scoring high at international pleading competitions, so-called moot court competitions. During such moot courts, teams would work intensively on a hypothetical court case, prepare written submissions, and finally plead on behalf of their parties against other universities in front of benches of judges or law professors.
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Legal clinics
Bringing reality in the classroom enhances student employability. We established two clinical education programmes that offer live-client or other real-life practice, reaching out to NGOs who need help in problem-solving and community-building. 
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Participation in moot courts and legal clinics is extracurricular, no credits are granted within the programme      

Participation in moot courts and legal clinics is always subject to multiple variables. Check the student portal for more information on application and deadlines


  • On 15 July 2022, the finals of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2022 took place. Like last year, the competition took place online due to the Corona pandemic. In the finals, the winning team of Maastricht University, consisting of Dylan Jesse Andrian, Ekaterina Fakirova, Fikri Fahmi Faruqi and Nicole Binder...

  • The international finals of the International Client Consultation Competition took place from April 19 through 23. Host was Swansea University in Cardiff, Wales. Unfortunately, the competition was completely online. However, the Dutch team, consisting of first year (!!!) European Law School students...

  • From March 28 - April 2, 2021, Maastricht University competed in the International and European Tax Moot Court Competition 2020 – 2021 organized by the Institute of Tax Law of KU Leuven and the IBFD in cooperation with Deloitte.

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