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Welcome counsellors!

Dear counsellors, 

Welcome to Maastricht University. On this page, you’ll find key information to help your students apply for one of our programmes. 

Of course, if you need more details about programmes and procedures, feel free to send us an email. 

Or join the “Dutch Higher Education Counselling and Admissions Group” on Facebook and post your questions there. 

Application procedure

Applicants must first register through Studielink, the central Dutch system managing higher education applications and enrollments. Here, you can choose the Maastricht University programme you wish to apply for. 

As application processes vary by programme, Maastricht University offers a step-by-step guide on each programme’s "Admission & registration" page. This includes essential information such as deadlines, admission requirements, necessary documents and assessment details.

For students with non-Dutch diplomas, Maastricht University evaluates if these are equivalent to the Dutch pre-university (vwo) diploma, with a list of qualifying non-Dutch diplomas available online.

Additionally, check this list for specific subject requirements for certain programmes.

All bachelor's programmes

Deadlines bachelor’s programmes


Application deadlines



Numerus fixus programmes  
International business15 January15 January
Medicine15 January15 January
Biomedical Sciences15 January15 January
Psychology15 January15 January
Brain Science15 January15 January
Selective programmes  
Economics and Business Economics15 January (early deadline)
1 May (ultimate deadline)
15 January (early deadline)
1 May (ultimate deadline)
Global Studies1 March1 March
University College Maastricht1 March5 January
Maastricht Science Programme1 May1 April
University College Venlo1 July1 June

Application deadlines



Open bachelor's programmes  
Arts and Culture1 May                          1 April                            
Business Analytics1 May 1 April 
Business Engineering 1 May1 April
Circular Engineering1 May 1 April 
Computer Science1 May1 April 
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence1 May 1 April 
Digital Society 1 May 1 April
Dutch Law (NL)1 May 1 April
Econometrics and Operations Research  1 May1 April
European Law School1 May 1 April 
European Public Health1 May 1 April 
European Studies1 May 1 April 
Health Sciences (NL)1 May1 April
Regenerative Medicine and Technology1 May1 April
Tax Law (NL)1 May1 April

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