Econometrics & Operations Research

Are you an analytically-minded student with talent for simplifying complex problems? Do you like to predict trends, solve problems, and streamline businesses and organisations? Then you should consider a bachelor’s in Econometrics & Operations Research. This programme combines economics and computer science with management and statistical techniques to create an indispensable, in-demand skillset that companies around the world are seeking. This high demand is reinforced by the programme’s international orientation and its integrated semester abroad. Plus, you’ll be studying at one of the best business schools in the world, the ‘Triple-Crown’ accredited School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. What more could you ask for?

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  • If I could have created my own study programme I would have created Econometrics myself, because I really like mathematics and economics
    Graciëlla van Hamersveld, Econometrics and Operations Research


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      We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the world... We Are Global! 🎓🌏

      Can you guess all sixteen different languages being spoken?

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      Each week we introduce one of the four speakers of the Science Slam 2018!

      Meet Dinah Gutermuth, researcher at the department of Organization and Strategy. Lean in and listen to what leaning in has to do with subjective evaluation!

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      "Last year you embarked on one of the PREMIUM projects, can you share with us what was in it for you?"
      "My willingness to apply for PREMIUM Programme Maastricht University was bi-dimensional. First, I wanted to apply the knowledge I was acquiring at my masters in a real-life scenario, compare and confirm the models and insights I was learning with what the practitioners actually do and expect. On the other hand, Premium seemed like the perfect opportunity to interact and collaborate with people from different backgrounds and reflect my perspective and way of working on theirs. I have been lucky to be exposed to diverse intellectual and cultural environments before but you can never stop learning from such interactions.

      The actual PREMIUM experience more than validated these expectations. I embarked on business development journey with Conclusion, a leading Dutch IT Business Consultancy. The project focused on assessing whether the company should diversify in the blockchain solutions market and, if so, what would that look like.

      The interaction with the client was always encouraged and they invested substantial resources in growing our technical and soft skills necessary to keep up to speed with the project requirements. The agile project management techniques I learned during the project will accompany me in most of the roles I will have in the future as a business graduate.

      We were truly embraced by the client, participating in a team consisting of senior consultants and executives. Despite their high level of expertise in the industry, their interest and enthusiasm about our creative, modern, diverse point of view were apparent. The final product was presented to among others members of the board of directors signifying the faith and trust they showed on us.

      I was lucky to collaborate with master students from very different programmes, from international tax law to neuro-economics. The final product would not have been complete without the contribution of all the members of the team. It was a characteristic example of team power and all the things I learned from my colleagues were a great surprise and pleasure.

      Of course PREMIUM is more than just executing a project with a client. It is about community. Not only did I develop good friendships during this experience but I became part of the strong network of PREMIUM Alumni with professionals striving in their careers globally!

      I can only but encourage our master students to participate in PREMIUM. It is the platform to go beyond and make a difference!"
      Nikos | PREMIUM Programme Maastricht University

      Interested in joining the PREMIUM Excellence programme, make sure to read more here:

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