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Do you have broad interests and are you a critical thinker? Do you enjoy discussing current social issues? Do you want to understand their historical roots and engage in philosophical reflection? If so, the bachelor's programme in Arts and Culture is the right choice for you. 

You will learn to understand Western culture by looking at how it shapes and is shaped by art, science, technology, media and politics. You will explore the issues of modern society from a variety of perspectives. This interdisciplinary approach (based on philosophy, literature and art studies, history, and science and technology studies) will teach you to understand and frame complex social issues. 

You will learn to think analytically, make connections across a variety of perspectives and develop strong argumentation skills. This will make you an attractive employee in a variety of jobs. Arts and Culture graduates work, for instance, as consultants for cultural institutions, policy advisors for governments, journalists and researchers. However, most graduates will opt for a master's degree before they enter the job market.

Information for Dutch-speaking students

All teaching materials are provided in English and students are attending English-taught lectures and tutorials. However, the programme will also offer you the possibility to write your exams, papers and BA thesis in Dutch if you are a Dutch-native speaker.

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Florian Damke, Student Ambassador Arts and Culture

Florian comes from Germany and is currently studying Arts and Culture at Maastricht University.

Why Florian chose the bachelor's programme in Arts and Culture:
“I want to understand what is happening around me in society and why people are the way they are. In this bachelor’s programme, we are learning and researching what European society is and where it came from. Diving into the philosophical, political, and economic backgrounds that brought us where we are today, will help me understand why certain things are happening. This is crucial knowledge if we want to find solutions. At some point in my life, I would love to become a writer. Preferably for a journalistic organisation that is focused on critical research and portrayal of contemporary issues.

In the past, I have struggled with education systems that demand from students to simply listen and refrain from engaging actively with the material. I found the learning methods at Maastricht University to be more focused on active students that flourish in discussions and personal research with little monitoring from supervisors. These qualities were my main reason to come to Maastricht. My favourite spots in Maastricht may vary according to the season. For example, on summer days, I enjoy sitting by the river across the Landbouwbelang building, which is cultural freezone in an old grain warehouse. Whereas in fall and spring I very much enjoy the Stadspark, which then offers beautiful scenes of either red and yellow leaves.”

Florian Damke, Student Ambassador BA Arts and Culture 2021-2022

“Learning methods at Maastricht University are more focused on active students that flourish in discussion and personal research.”

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