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Mutually beneficial relationships with (academic) partners in China play a significant role in Maastricht University’s (UM) internationalisation policy. Similarly, Chinese students (bachelor, master and PhD) are an important part of UM’s international classroom. UM supports many activities related to building and maintaining the university’s ties to China and recruiting Chinese students to study in Maastricht.

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UM China Team

The mission of the UM China Team is to foster sustainable partnerships and collaborations between UM and Chinese partner universities and institutes. We want to enable graduates from high-ranking Chinese universities to do research or collaborate with UM. We believe these students and researchers will become our ambassadors of tomorrow, both in business and diplomatic terms. In addition we also support UM students, junior and senior staff to study, visit and teach in China.

By setting up and managing collaborations with Chinese partners in different areas, we open our doors to all Chinese students and staff who fit our profile and subscribe to our values. We accomplish this mission by actively reaching out to partners, ensuring collaborations are sustainable and active once they are set up. Our team is experienced in China and knows how to properly connect with Chinese counterparts.

More about the UM China Team

Biobased Materials Lab

The UM China Team is also responsible for the CSC-UM PhD programme. Check out the application procedure on this page.

Studying at UM

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Whether you studied at UM for a 3-year Bachelor's degree or stayed a semester for an exchange programme, we welcome you to our alumni community! Through our Alumni Circles you stay connected to your old university and fellow alumni, as well as expand your professional network.

To stay in touch with us, be sure to subscribe to the alumni newsletter by sending an email to In addition, we regularly attend or organise events in China for alumni. Contact us at info-china@maastrichtuniversity for more info.

We're currently setting up a CSC alumni programme as well. So if you're a new CSC-UM doctor and would like to receive or guide UM studens at your university or institution, please send an email to

Lastly, Neso China has their own Holland Alumni in China network. You can view events and activities on their website as well.

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Research at UM

DKE SwarmLab

Why choose UM?

  • We are the world's 6th best young university according to the THE University Rankings.
  • There is NO tuition fee for PhD candidates at UM.
  • We take the supervision of each candidate seriously. To make sure that you will finish within the restricted time of 4 years, we always have 2 supervisors guide each PhD candidate.
  • CSC PhD candidates within the Cooperative and General Programme, will receive free accommodation for 12 months at UM housing facilities. This is the equivalent of a monthly € 400 support, but not a cash funding.

If you're ready to apply, you can fill out this application form together with your (prospective) supervisor(s) and/or promotor(s).

Become a PhD candidate

There are several ways to become a PhD candidate at UM. Our PhD page contains general information about doing your PhD at UM and the different options we offer.

 PhD faculty contacts

Funding & scholarships

Most Chinese PhD candidates get government funding from the China Scholarship Council (CSC) since UM and the CSC have a cooperative agreement.

 UM and the CSC

Interdisciplinary projects

Do you have a specific topic or field in mind for your PhD? Then take a look at our PhD outlines, often combining different themes and research groups.

 PhD project outlines

Partner universities

UM works with many of China’s top universities. We have established mutually beneficial relations, encouraging student mobility, research collaboration, and other forms of long-term cooperation.

Current UM partner universities in China:

  • Beijing Normal University, Beijing (北京师范大学)
  • Peking University, Beijing (北京大学)
  • Renmin University, Beijing (中国人民大学
  • University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu (成都电子科技大学)
  • Chongqing University, Chongqing (重庆大学)
  • Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian (东北财经大学)
  • Sun Yat Sen University, Lingnan College, Guangzhou (中山大学岭南学院)
  • Shandong University, Jinan (山东大学)
  • Southeast University, Nanjing (东南大学)
  • Fudan University, Shanghai (复旦大学)
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai (交通大学)
  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai (上海财经大学)
  • Xiamen University, Xiamen (厦门大学)

You can also visit our research pages to learn more about research at UM, or contact one of our institutes or graduate schools directly.

Bachelor's Open Day UM October 2018

Are you a non-academic party and interested in exploring possibilities for cooperation with UM? Send an email to

china partners

At UM, we find it important to work together with partner universities in joint collaborations and equal respect for each other. Reciprocity is key and it's therefore our aim to not only attract Chinese undergraduate and graduate students, but to also bring our students to Chinese partner universities. With our CSC-UM doctors serving as ambassadors once they return to China, they can guide and supervise incoming European undergraduate and PhD candidates from UM at their local university or research institute. Furthermore, we encourage exchanges of senior staff from both sides to increase visibility.


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    Inaugural lecture Dr. E. Nillesen

    "Understanding impact: how to improve policy design for economic development"

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    Master’s Open Day

    We hope to welcome you on campus at our next Master's Open Day and give you a good impression of what studying at Maastricht University is all about.