CSC Scholarships

UM and the CSC

The most important Chinese partner for UM is the China Scholarship Council (CSC). This organisation provides scholarships to Chinese PhD candidates, as well as postdocs and other students to a lesser extent, so they can conduct research at UM. 

CSC Application Roadmap

Once you've agreed with your supervisor(s) and/or promotor(s) to apply for the CSC-UM PhD Programme, there's several deadlines and steps to remember.

  1. Composing a candidates list


    All applications are collected at the central level at the beginning of each calendar year. Any newly submitted projects and candidates after this first deadline will be automatically referred to the General Programme and thus peer-reviewed by CSC-PRC.

    For the Cooperative Programme, faculties will prioritize candidates and projects as requested by their respective Vice-Deans. The outcome of their applications will be available at the beginning of March. All candidates will then be informed so they can mark in their submission under which program (cooperative or general) they are applying.

  2. Registration on the CSC website

    Beginning of March

    Applicants need to get forwarded by their current university or employer and upload required documents themselves on the CSC online portal. An official invitation letter from UM is required, as well as a full research proposal and recommendation letter from their home university's professor or dean.

  3. Assessment and final results


    The Chinese jury makes a final decision after the assessment and publishes the list of approved students by mid-June. The final outcome will be first sent to the applicant’s current university or company, then to him or her.

  4. Visa and finalizing the application 

    July onwards

    Once everything is confirmed, the candidate will have to take care of the visa application and book plane tickets. After visa and plane tickets are arranged by the CSC, the agreement with the CSC will have to be signed and the deposit paid. Generally, CSC PhD candidates start on September 1st.