Tuba Aktürk, PhD (T.A.)

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Brain Stimulation and Cognition Group, led by Prof. Dr. Alexander T. Sack. 

My primary research area involves developing approaches to more effectively modulate neural oscillations with non-invasive brain stimulation methods, aiming for a measurable impact on both neurophysiological assessments of neural oscillations and cognitive performance. 

In 2022, I completed my double PhD in neuroscience at Maastricht University and Istanbul Medipol University, under the co-supervision of Prof. Dr. Bahar Güntekin and Prof. Dr. Alexander T. Sack. My PhD research aimed to enhance memory performance by modulating theta frequency oscillations using EEG-informed individualized transcranial alternating current stimulation. As a continuation of this aim, my current research focuses on investigating the effects of neuromodulation, specifically tACS, on EEG-brain oscillatory dynamics and memory processes.