Proof of payment of tuition fees

A "Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld (BBC)" is a declaration stating that you have paid the full statutory tuition fee of a Dutch university (WO) or higher professional education (HBO). If you then register simultaneously at another WO or HBO institution, you can submit the BBC at this second institution in order to be exempted from paying the statutory tuition fee there too. That is, you pay tuition fees at just one institution. Note, however, that you are only eligible for this exemption if you pay the statutory tuition fees (not the institutional fees). 

Explanation of tuition fee rates

I’m registered at UM and want to register at another institution too

You can apply for an original BBC from the Student Services Centre (SSC) to submit to the other institution via Please mention your name and your student number and to which other Dutch University you want to send us the BBC to.

More information about the Certificate of Registration

I am registered at another institution and want to register at UM too

If you have paid the statutory tuition fee at the other institution and wish to register at UM in a second study programme, please request a BBC from the other institution.

The other Dutch institution will send this directly to the UM.