Explanation tuition fees

As a student, you will be required to pay tuition fees. How much you need to pay at Maastricht University (UM) depends on several factors:

  • the study programme you choose
  • whether you are going to study full-time or part-time
  • whether it is your first or second bachelor’s or master’s programme in the Netherlands
  • your nationality (whether you have EU/EER, Swiss or Suriname nationality)

The Dutch higher education system, and therefore also UM, uses two kinds of tuition fees: the statutory tuition fee and the institutional tuition fee. The institutional tuition fee is usually higher than the statutory tuition fee.

Statutory tuition fee

Dutch universities receive a government subsidy only for students who satisfy the nationality criterium and have not already obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a Dutch higher education institution. Such students are referred to as ‘subsidised students’. They are eligible for the statutory tuition fee.

Find out if you need to pay the statutory tuition fee or the institutional tuition fee

Statutory tuition fee

Academic year


Full-time € 2,530

€ 1,801

University College Maastricht (UCM)

€ 4,190

Maastricht Science Programme (MSP)* € 4,190
Global Studies € 4,190
MA Forensic Psychology € 4,570

* Exception: students who started in MSP in (or before) the academic year 2019/20, remain exempt from the increase due to the MSP 'small-scale and intensive education' and pay € 2,530 for their registration when re-enrolling for the academic year 2024/25. 

Institutional tuition fee

If you do not meet the nationality criterion, or if you have already obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Dutch higher education, the university does not receive a government contribution to subsidise the costs of your education. You will therefore be required to cover the costs yourself and pay the higher, institutional tuition fee.

UM determines the institutional tuition fee rate for bachelor’s and master’s programmes per academic year. These institutional tuition fee rates are based on the government’s funding per subsidised student per type of study programme*, supplemented by the amount of the full statutory tuition fee. For reasons of efficiency, the government has divided the types of study programmes into 3 funding levels (low, high and top). Therefor UM has three different institutional tuition fees: low, high and top:

Institutional tuition fees 2024/25

  Low   High   Top
  bachelor master bachelor master bachelor/master
2024/25 € 9,800 € 16,600 € 13,500 € 19,100 € 32,000

*In determining the institutional tuition fees for the study programmes that belong to the highest funding level ('top') (these are the Medicine and Medicine-Clinical Research study programs), the UM has also taken into account the workplace funding, which the government pays the UM separately for a subsidised student in these studies.

Check to see which subsidy category your study programme belongs to and which institutional tuition fees are linked to it:
Institutional fees Maastricht University 2024/25

For the UCM and MSP bachelor's programmes, the institutional tuition fee rate has been increased by a surcharge for the Special Characteristics Small-scale and Intensive (BKKI) education; this BKKI surcharge is also applied to the statutory tuition fee rate. The institutional tuition fee is : € 15,016

How are my tuition fees calculated if I start my programme on 1 February?

Your tuition fees cover an entire academic year, i.e. from September up until August. If you start your study programme during the academic year in February, you pay for the current academic year 7/12 of the statutory or institutional fee. Before the start of the new academic year in September you re-register for the programme you began in February, because all programmes at UM run for at least one year. So if you start your master's in Febuary it will run at least up and until January the next year. This means you will have payments due at two different times: once in February, when you begin your programme, and once in September, when the new academic year begins. Note that when you re-register for the new academic year, you will then have to pay for the entire academic year, even if you expect to graduate during this year. Once you have graduated, the UM will reimburse you the tuition fee over the months of the academic year as of your deregistration.

Please note: The amount of the tuition fees are determined yearly before the start of the new academic year and may differ from the previous academic year, because of the annual indexation of the statutory tuition rate by the government and the amended determination of the institutional fees by the UM based on the government modified funding rules.  

Tuition fees for February intake 2024/25

If you start your programme in February 2025, you will pay for the academic year 2024/25 7/12 of the fees indicated in the table:

  • Statutory fee: 7/12 * € 2,530 =  € 1,476
  • Low institutional fee for bachelor’s programmes: 7/12 * € 9,800= € 5,717
  • High institutional fee for bachelor’s programmes: 7/12 * € 13,500 = € 7,875
  • Top institutional fee for bachelor’s programmes: 7/12 * € 32,000 = € 18,667
  • Surcharged high institutional fee for bachelor’s programmes UCM and MSP: 7/12 * € 15,016 = € 8,759
  • Low institutional fee for master’s programmes: 7/12 * € 16,600 = € 9,683
  • High institutional fee for master’s programmes: 7/12 * € 19,100 = € 11,142
  • Top institutional fee for master’s programmes: 7/12 * € 32,000 = € 18,667