Fulbright / Maastricht University Award

 Deadline passed for academic year 2023/24

Both the U.S. government and the Dutch government support the Fulbright programme, which provides funding for students, scholars, teachers and professionals to undertake graduate study, advanced research, university teaching and teaching in elementary and secondary schools. Maastricht University (UM) supports the Fulbright programme by providing a Fulbright scholarship in any of its many master’s programmes.

The Fulbright / Maastricht University Award provides fully funded 1-year master’s level scholarships. UM offers two awards for eligible students of U.S. higher education institutions in any of its master’s programmes. You can find detailed information about this scholarship on the Fulbright website 

Who is eligible?

Students of U.S. higher education institutions who wish to apply for a master’s programme at UM. U.S. students currently residing in The Netherlands will not be considered for the Award, neither will U.S. students with both a U.S. and Dutch citizenship.

Duration of the Fulbright / Maastricht University Award

9-10 months for a Master's programme, depending on your participation in the Pre-Academic Training of Maastricht University.

Application deadline
The application deadline for academic year 2023/24 has passed.

Amount of the Fulbright / Maastricht University Award

Successful applicants will receive the support as outlined on the Fulbright Center website .

Application procedure

Step 1: Follow the application steps on the website of Fulbright   (the deadline for academic year 2023/24 has passed). More information on the application procedure can be found on this website as well, or contact your local Fulbright adviser  . 

Step 2: Once you know you have been selected; register for one of the master’s programmes at Maastricht University. For further details on how to register for a master’s programme at UM, please see your prospective programme’s webpage. Once you have submitted your application via Studielink  , you will receive a student ID number for Maastricht University.

Step 1 Follow the application
steps on the website
of Fulbright

(the deadline for academic
year 2023/24
has passed)

Step 2 Register for a master's
programme in Studielink.nl  

Selection procedure

Criteria for selection will include academic merit and potential for contributing to the development of civil society in the countries listed.  Those candidates shortlisted for admission may be interviewed online or in person by a selection committee and may be asked to provide additional essays regarding their career goals. Applications will be considered from well-qualified candidates in all fields for which graduate programmes are offered by UM. Only students who are admitted (at the time of application or later during the selection process for the Fulbright scholarship) and who furnish proof of acceptance to one of the graduate programmes, will be considered.

Please visit the UM master’s website for more information on programmes and admissions.