Upgrade print credit (students)

You need print credit to be able to print, copy and scan. Here is how you can upgrade your credit.

What do you need?

  • Your UMcard 
  • Cash or a credit / debit card

  • In case of online payments a valid online payment option

From 1 May 2023, the price of a (black and white) copy or print will cost 5 cents. A necessary increase after a drastic decline in the total print volume in recent years. The price of a colour print/copy will remain unchanged at 15 cents.

Procedure (top-up machine)

  1. Go to any of the UMcard top-up machines and top-up your UMcard credit
  2. This credit is also used for printing

UMcard top-up machines are located in several UM buildings. For a list of the exact locations check the UMcard website.

Procedure (on-line payment)

  1. Go to https://uploadumcard.maastrichtuniversity.nl
  2. Choose a top-up amount
  3. Follow the payment instructions that follow

Please note this website is only available while connected to the UM (WiFi) network. You cannot access this website directly from home.