Manuals and information

ICTS Service Desk offers users one location for all relevant manuals. Please note that you need to be on MAASnet (via cable, WiFi or VPN) to access them.

For a complete overview of all our manuals look here.

E-mail and web

All about setting up your mail programme and default UM web settings.
 FAQ - E-mail   
 Ecosia search engine   
 Ten tips for healthy emailing   


All about setting up your online connection.
 Create a WiFi connection   
 Create a VPN connection   
 Quick start Eduroam
 WiFi for guests (eVA)


All about setting up the printing opportunities.
 Manuals Printing 
 Upgrade print credit 
 Help Center print, copy, scan and send 

Data storage

Consult the overview below for information about data storage possibilities.
  Data Storage overview (.xlsx)   

Manage your account

If you want to change your password because you have forgotten it or it's due for a renewal, you can do so here.
   Manage your account 
   Change your password 
  Multi Factor Authentication