EDLAB education innovation project

AI & education at Maastricht University

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven technologies have the potential to address some of the biggest needs in education today and innovate teaching and learning practices. However, rapid technological developments inevitably bring multiple risks and challenges.

Maastricht University recognises the importance of harnessing the opportunities of AI technologies while ensuring a safe and effective integration of such technologies into the PBL curriculum in alignment with the core learning principles Contextual, Collaborative, Constructive and Self-directed (CCCS).

This page examines the educational implications of two AI applications: Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Learning Analytics.

EDLAB activities related to ArtificiaI Intelligence and education

EDLAB innovation project: The impact of Language Models (such as ChatGPT) on PBL Education
  • desk research, pilots, inventory of best practices, practical guidelines, training 
  • Honours+ group survey on ChatGPT & UM community 
Community of Practice on AI & education
  • activities, reports, identification of (research) themes
  • establishing links with students
Training through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Board of Examiners (BoE) professionalisation
  • CPD workshops on ChatGPT: "Playing with ChatGPT)
  • BoE session: "Framing ChatGPT in the BoE context: a dialogue" 
Knowledge exchange 
  • EDLunch
  • MT-Health theme day
  • SSC-MT
  • ECCo – FHML
  • ChatGPT Student-Meet 
  • OC theme day – FHML
  • UCouncil theme day
  • Pint of Science Festival



For more information, please contact:

Walter Jansen, Senior Coordinator Innovation at EDLAB
Bianca Massacci, Student Assistant at EDLAB