Suspending your studies

During your study programme, or in the period between your bachelor’s and master’s programmes, you may wish to take a break from your studies. Taking time out can be a very positive experience that gives you the chance to do something you always wanted: travelling, volunteering, getting to know another culture, acquiring special skills or developing new competences.


What do you need to arrange?

If you temporarily stop with your study then you should at least consider the following:

  • Your registration at Maastricht University. Whether and when to terminate your enrolment depends on the reason you are de-registering.

  • Study funding. After you (temporarily) de-register as a full-time student you are no longer entitled to financial support or your student travel product. You will therefore need to find another way of supporting yourself financially.

  • Study funding in the future. It pays to look into your future eligibility for study funding.

Before taking action, we strongly advise you to look into all these matters through DUO  !