'Mijn diploma's' ('My diplomas')

'Mijn diploma's' ('My diplomas') is an online overview that contains details of diplomas, certificates and testimonials of Dutch programmes of study that are funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. These details are linked to the personal details of the owner of the diploma. The overview is made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to combat fraud.

What can you do with 'Mijn diploma's'?

In 'Mijn diploma's' you can quickly and easily check your diploma details and download a digital copy. Do you need a hard copy of your diploma for your next study programme or your new job? Then you can request a certified copy of your diploma from DUO. This copy from DUO has the same status as a certified copy of your diploma. Your own printout does not. DUO does charge a fee for a certified copy.

Go to DUO for more information about the online overview 'Mijn diploma's'  


You can only inspect your own diploma details. Educational institutions can also check your diploma details in 'Mijn diploma's' to determine if you satisfy their entrance requirements.