Graduated = alumnus

Students from Maastricht University continue to be part of the university's academic community after their graduation. Once you have completed final exams you become an alumnus and you are included in the alumni database. You will be informed about this by email. You are then a member of the UM alumni community, a large international network that brings together diversity and expertise.

Alumni can participate in alumni activities and make use of alumni services including an e-mail account. In addition, it is of course pleasant to continue meeting your former fellow students and to occasionally come back to Maastricht to relive memories together and make new friendships.

Benefits for UM alumni

  • Up until six months after your graduation, you can make free use of certain services from UM Career Services.
  • You are welcome to attend activities of alumni groups and other special alumni events.
  • You remain available on your UM e-mail account, an account with a lot of storage space and up-to-date virus and anti spam filters (with the alias:
  • Once every three months, you will receive the Alumni News by email, full with stories from former students, as well as services and special offers for you.
  • You can make use of exclusive UM alumni services.
  • You will be kept informed about developments at Maastricht University in the areas of education and research and you will be able to participate in UM activities.
  • You can subscribe to Maastricht University Magazine (published 3 times per year) free of charge.

Are you moving? Please pass on your address details to the Alumni Office. You can also win a nice UM-hooded sweater. The UM will use this address to invite you to alumni meetings in your region.