Promotion Fund subsidy for student activities

Maastricht University (UM) has a Promotion Fund available to provide financial support for student activities and student organisations.

 The subsidy is used:

  • as fixed annual financial support for certain general student organisations affiliated with UM, and:
  • to stimulate new activities that are in line with UM's vision and strategy

Promotion Fund subsidy for student organisations

Are you a student and are you organising a student activity via a student organisation? Then you may be eligible for a Promotion Fund subsidy.

The subsidy is an amount of at least € 100 and at most € 750. The size of the subsidy depends on the nature of the activity.

For which activities can you receive a subsidy?

During the assessment of your grant application, the following factors count in favour of your activity:

  • it is important for the social, economic and cultural position of students in Maastricht and in particular the students of UM

  • it promotes internationalisation at UM

  • it reflects positively on UM and makes a positive contribution to student life in Maastricht

  • it is innovative and does not yet exist

  • it promotes active participation of students

  • it is open to all UM and university of applied sciences (HBO) students

  • it is aimed at students from several faculties

  • it receives sufficient publicity

  • it supports UM's objectives. You can find all of the objectives in UM's Strategic Programme

Which activities are not eligible for a subsidy?

The Promotion Fund does not provide subsidies for:

  • sports activities (for these you can apply to Sportraad MUSST)
  • activities organised by faculty student associations
  • parties, drinks, dinners or lunches
  • activities of national associations
  • participation in study trips, congresses, etc. by individual students

Subsidies for sports activities

Sports Council MUSST
+31 43 388 5340

Other things you need to know

  • The UM Promotion Fund awards subsidies for as long as there is budget.
  • You can receive a Promotion Fund subsidy for a maximum of three years for the same type of activity. The UM believes that after three years, the activity must be able to continue independently, for example through income from its operational activities or through a structural subsidy.
  • If you have already received a subsidy but the activity does not take place, you need to refund the subsidy.
  • All promotional material must contain the following: ‘possible due to financial support from the UM Promotion Fund’.
  • Promotion Fund subsidy might be a guarantee subsidy. Payment will only take place after you have submitted a financial overview.

Additional possibilities

If you are a student at UM and you set up a student association or foundation with a direct link to the UM, you can apply for a Promotion Fund subsidy up to a maximum of € 750. You must submit a report within three months after the student organisation is established. The student organisation must satisfy the conditions stated above, which apply to the activities as well.

Student organisations (no faculty student organisations) with at least 200 members that want to organise a general meeting can be eligible for a subsidy for letting a room plus any associated costs. You can apply for this up to twice per calendar year for a maximum amount of € 800 per calendar year. As evidence you must be able to submit the invoice for the costs incurred.

Application procedure

Do you want to apply for a subsidy for an activity? Make sure to submit your application on time, no later than six weeks before the start of the activity.

Download the application form for the Promotion Fund and fill it out completely. Don't forget:

  • the (contact) details of the person or organisation applying

  • a description of the activity including the objective, content, target group, publicity plan and timetable

  • a budget

  • to mention any contribution by a faculty or any other contributions

Send the application form with the documents stated on the application form to the Promotion Fund Secretariat via

Do you want more information? Contact the Promotion Fund Secretariat via or 043 388 5212.


The director of the Student Services Centre (SSC), who is advised by the Promotion Fund Committee, will make a decision on the allocation of the Promotion Fund subsidy within six weeks. The Promotion Fund Committee consists of two student members from the University Council, an employee of Studium Generale and a student dean. This committee meets once per month with the exception of July and August.