Student monitor

The student monitor is an (in-depth) satisfaction survey among UM students who have applied for the monitor. With this, students indicate what they think of UM facilities and services. The UM uses the monitor to measure what students think of UM facilities and services. This input is indispensable in order to improve facilities and policy at the UM. The monitor covers specific subjects, such as the human resources, catering facilities and cleaning.

View the results
You can view the results of prior studies at Central Services and on the panel site of Flycatcher  

How does the student monitor work?

In order to participate in the student monitor, you must register for the panel. You can give your opinion after registration.

Students who have registered for the monitor get an in-depth questionnaire approximately five times each year. This questionnaire generally takes about ten minutes to complete. If you sometimes miss one, it is not a problem: after all, you participate as a volunteer. The results of the survey are presented to the relevant UM departments. They will then make any necessary changes to facilities or policies.

Flycatcher Internet Research
The performance of the student monitor is done by Flycatcher Internet Research  . This is an independent office associated with UM.  

Register for the UM student monitor

You can register for the student monitor using your UM student number and your UM email address. You can create a profile page after you’ve completed your registration.

Register to become a member  

Taking part is safe. Your privacy is guaranteed

Flycatcher processes your answers anonymously. No one gets to know who said what - not even the university. All communications are also secured and encrypted. So there is no unauthorised access to your information and answers.

Taking part is worth it

Every survey is worth points. The number of points you get is mentioned in the mail inviting you to take part in the survey. Once you have collected 900 points, you can exchange these for a VVV gift voucher, gift voucher, CoolBlue gift voucher, Wehkamp gift voucher, Zalando gift voucher or a donation to War Child or Matchis (all worth 10 euros).

Questions about the student monitor?

You can manage your preferences by logging in to the student monitor. You can see how many points you have, view your information, change your address and cancel. Do you have any questions? Then please contact the helpdesk.
+31 43 326 2992