Studying parents

Are you a (prospective) student and parent? Then you may be eligible for benefits, facilities and financial compensation.


Services such as adjustments in education timetables or an adjusted exam location in relation to pregnancy or parenthood can be applied for via Student Dean Judith Kraal. If you would like to use a lactation room or if you need help organising your studies, please contact the Study Adviser.


Click here for a map with the lactation- and resting rooms and baby changing facilities at UM.

Information for students with caring responsibilities

Click here for information about rights and duties, financial support, and pregnancy and parenthood.

UM ‘Profileringsfonds’

You can receive four months of financial compensation to compensate for study delay due to pregnancy. Look for the conditions in the ‘Profileringsfonds’ Regulations.

Judith Kraal, student dean


For more information about allowances such as rent allowance, childcare allowance (please note that you are only eligible for this if you study or work in the Netherlands), etc., please contact the Belastingdienst (tax authorities). You can turn to Dienst Uitvoering Onderwjis (DUO) for single parent allowance. You can qualify if you do not have a partner and you are the caretaker of a child younger than 18 years.

Do you combine your studies with looking after a child and do you make use of childcare facilities? If so, check (only in Dutch) to see whether your studies entitle you to childcare benefit, and apply for it straight away. 

The amount of the allowance you will receive depends on your situation. For example, how much childcare you expect to need each month and whether or not you have a partner in receipt of the allowance. A change in your situation will also affect the amount of your allowance. Therefore, you should always report changes - also if you graduate or (temporary) stop your study - via Mijn (only in Dutch) or the app Kinderopvangtoeslag (only in Dutch).

Belastingdienst (only in Dutch)  
Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (only in Dutch)  
Municipality of Maastricht (only in Dutch)  

Do you want to share your experiences?

Would you like to contact other studying parents to exchange experiences and tips? Please contact

PAC: Network for Parents & Carers

UM has established a network for parents and carers. This network serves two main purposes: firstly, it has a peer support function for students and staff with caring responsibilities to connect and share experiences. Secondly, it serves as a sounding board for input and feedback for the UM Cares project and for informing the UM community about the project progress. Do you want to join the PAC network?

Website studying mothers

The Studying Mothers Foundation (Stichting Steunpunt Studerende Moeders) is a knowledge platform for and by studying mothers. On their website you will find useful information about combining your study with having a child. Are you interested in the Smart Mama Coach programme? You can participate with a discount. Please contact For more information, see: 

Stichting Steunpunt Studerende Moeders  (only in Dutch)