Support from the UM 'Profileringsfonds' for administrative activities

Students who are involved in administrative activities often fall behind on their studies. UM compensates for this study delay by providing so-called administrative months. This is provided for by the UM Regulation 'Profileringsfonds'.

Criteria you must satisfy

  • You must perform administrative activities recognised by the UM.

  • You can only be eligible for receiving financial support in the period of your (first) bachelor's or master's programme.

  • The student organisation or administrative body you are active in receives a limited number of administrative grants each year upon decision of the Executive Board. The chair of the student organisation or administrative body should nominate you for board months in proportion to the size of your board position.

  • The number of administrative months for faculty student organisations and administrative bodies are determined by the Faculty Board.

Download the conditions and regulations for the UM 'Profileringsfonds' for students:

Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2023/24
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2022/23
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2021/22
Regulation ‘Profileringsfonds’ 2020/21
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2019/20
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2018/19

How to request financial support for study delay as a result of administrative duties

Before 1 May: your board requests the desired amount of administrative months

Before 1 May, the board in which you are active must request financial support for the subsequent academic year in writing. This request must be submitted to the Student Services Centre (SSC). The recognized boards receive an invitation from the SSC. Faculty organisations or administrative bodies should submit their request to their Faculty Board.

Before 1 November: notification that you are eligible for administrative months

After the Executive Board awarded the total of administrative months, the faculty Dean or the board that you are a member of, divide the awarded months to the individual board members. They must notify the Executive Board of Maastricht University that you are eligible for administrative months. This notification be done before 1 November of the year in which you will fulfil the administrative position.

You will receive a message from the SCC

The SSC processes the nominations. If you have been nominated, you will receive a message from the SSC. You will be asked to send an up-to-date overview from DUO to the SSC. The SSC then takes care of the payment of the individually allocated administrative months.

Tuition fee exemption due to administrative activities

UM offers the possibility to once-only exempt students from paying statutory tuition fees due to:

  • a Board position;
  • the membership of the University Council;
  • engagement in any activities at administrative or social areas.

To qualify for this regulation, you should in any case:

  • be registered for a fulltime study programme at the UM;
  • fulfil a fulltime Board position, with an average workload of at least 40 hours per week;
  • be eligible for statutory tuition fees.


  • On the basis of your registration you can qualify for Dutch student finance (‘studiefinanciering’).
  • On the basis of your registration you can qualify for financial support from the ‘Profileringsfonds’ (administrative months).
  • You do not have to pay tuition fees.


  • You may not follow any form of education and you cannot take any exams/examinations.
  • Because you have to be enrolled at UM for a full year, you cannot graduate before 31 August during your board year.

If you want to apply for this exemption, you can email the application form together with the required attachments to An application for exemption from statutory tuition fees in connection with a full-time board position must be filed before 1 August of the academic year preceding the board year.

Please enclose the following documents with your application:

  • Recent results overview with exam dates and stamp, available from the Educations Office
  • Recent DUO overview showing that you are still in the ‘prestatiebeursfase’
  • Copy student ID
  • Nomination from the current chairman stating that you will be nominated for 12 board months from the ‘Profileringsfonds’, for which position and that you spend at least 40 hours per week on these board activities on average

Read more about the regulations:
Tuition Fee Exemption Due to Administrative Activities for Students at Maastricht University’ (only in Dutch)