Financial support in the case of study delay, Regulations UM 'Profileringsfonds' for students

Did you fall behind on your studies due to special circumstances such as illness, disability, pregnancy, because you fulfil a position on the board of a student organisation, or because you are combining your study with top-level sports? Then you might be eligible for financial support from the UM 'Profileringsfonds' for students.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Special circumstances

The UM 'Profileringsfonds' provides financial support as a contribution to the extra costs of studying as a result of (expected) study delay caused by the following special circumstances:

  • special personal circumstances such as illness, family circumstances (including caring responsibilities), pregnancy, handicap or disability

  • administrative positions, such as membership of a Council, board of a programme or a student organisation

  • practicing top-level sports

Conditions and rules of the UM 'Profileringsfonds' for students

To be eligible for financial support on the basis of the UM 'Profileringsfonds', you must meet the following conditions:

  • you are registered as a full-time student
  • you pay statutory tuition fees
  • youreceive a performance-related higher education grant from DUO
  • in principle you have not yet exceeded the nominal study duration
  • the special circumstances occured during the nominal duration of the performance-related higher education grant
  • you can demonstrate that the circumstances are the cause of your study delay

Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2022-2023
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2021-2022
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2020-2021
Regulation 'Profileringsfonds' 2019-2020