Filing a complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction for which you cannot file an objection or an appeal. It is about an individual matter that concerns you. For example, complaints can be about:

  • the quality of the education
  • an educational facility
  • how you have been spoken to or treated by an employee or student of the university

If several students have the same complaint, or if your complaint concerns a general matter, it may be useful to file a joint complaint.

You cannot file a complaint if it is possible to file an appeal or objection.

How and where to file?

You file a complaint with the Complaints Service Point (CSP). To whom the CSP passes on your complaint depends upon the content of your complaint.

A step-by-step plan for filing an objection, appeal or complaint 

What happens to your complaint?

  • Complaints of a general nature are sent to the dean of the faculty or to the central complaints committee. The dean will request a recommendation from the faculty complaints committee before arriving at a decision.
  • Complaints about undesirable behaviour are forwarded to a confidential adviser or the Executive Board.
  • Complaints concerning the ‘Code of Conduct International Student' will be sent to a complaints committee.

Complaints regulations

The faculty complaints committees all work according to the UM Complaints Regulation. This regulation can be requested from the faculty. The service centres and the Maastricht University Office (MUO) have a separate regulation.