Study at Maastricht?

Good idea! Great choice! Because we are a young university, in all respects. This means that we are open to fresh ideas, to new developments and challenges, and to young students like you.

That is why we give you and your fellow students control over your learning. You’ll take the wheel, you’ll determine the course and the speed. You’ll study together with people from all over the world. Our International Classroom is important, because diversity makes all the difference in learning. But education at Maastricht University (UM) is not only fun and engaging; it also helps you develop the skills to prepare for your future career.

Choosing UM

Six good reasons

Choice of studies

There is plenty of choice at UM. Some bachelor's and master's programmes are special because you cannot do them anywhere else in the Netherlands. They include:

Bachelor programmes:
 Global Studies
 Digital Society
 Circular Engineering

Master programmes:
 Business Intelligence and Smart Services
 Sustainable Science, Policy and Society
 Media Studies: Digital Cultures

Maastricht rocks!

Maastricht is a wonderful city to live: it has a beautiful centre and a very international atmosphere. There are many students, so there’s always something to do.

Unfortunately, housing is scarce for students, so be sure to start your search for a room as soon as possible. That means well before you come to Maastricht or Venlo. Make sure to read these tips and warnings.

Student stories

Student life is special. Every student has their own story. Yours is about to begin. Curious about the stories of current students? Watch and listen to Isabella, Ben, Francesca and others.

Questions? Send us an email. Or check out the IGs of our Student Ambassadors. Who knows more about our programmes than our own students? Send them a DM. They will be happy to help you. International students who have specific questions about cultural differences or would just like to talk to someone who’s from your country about studying in Maastricht can contact Country representatives for international students.


Maastricht University partners with Uni-Life, an app which gives you an overview of all social activities all social activities in and around Maastricht. Uni-Life offers students instant access to all events organised by associations and organisations in the city.

The app makes a selection based on the interests indicated when creating an account. You can become a member, add an activity or create your own community. This allows you to get even more out of your student life.

Get the app

Get to know us better!

Haven't quite made up your mind yet? Or have you chosen a study and want to know more? We would like to help you, because we think it’s important that every student chooses the best fit.

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