Stefan Danilishin (S. L.)

Dr Stefan Danilishin is an Associate Professor of Physics (UHD) at the Maastricht University. His research interests are in the domain of quantum measurement and quantum noise in GW detectors.  

Current research topics include:

  • quantum noise mitigation and surpassing the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL) in the large-scale gravitational-wave interferometers
  • development of quantum non-demolition (QND) schemes based on speed measurement for future generation GW detectors
  • development of novel time-dependent back-action-evasion readout techniques for ultra-precise optomechanical sensors
  • study of the influence of imperfections and asymmetries of a realistic experimental QND schemes on their quantum noise-limited performance
  • using quantum optomechanics for testing foundations of quantum mechanics and gravity at macroscopic level